My Antennas:


Homemade multiband dipole. Length is
2 x 13,75m with 12,20m Feederline 450 Ohm by Wireman. 10m over Ground. It is working on 40, 20, 17 and 12m without any Tuner. On 80 and 10m the the swr is better than 1:2,5. On 30 and 15m it didn´t work.


Homemade Magnetic Loop build with 25mm copper tube. The diameter is only 80 cm. Running from 10 to 32 Mc. Gain from -6 to -1 dBd. Heigth is 10m over ground.


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Homemade portable monoband antennas, very short, especially for holidays in hotels. This picture shows an antenna for 20m on top of a fishing rod.. The length is only 50 cm.

Antenna "Lata
de Cerveza"

The Joke-Antenna for 20m with a very good radiation.
How to calculate, look at

Home "brewed", made of
6 tins of 1/2 l beer. It is 88 cm long and
6,5 cm thick, and is matched with a coil of 31 turns. The length of the coil is 10 cm and the diameter is 2,5 cm. Feeded over 3,8m Coax RG 58 with a choke. Working the whole 20m band with a good SWR

Coaxial Dipol
by Harper

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The "ideal or best?? antenna" for portable use on 20m. With a trick it is also working on 40m and on 15m. I´m using this antenna since a lot of years with a 10m high fibermast . The mast is mounted on the caravan, and it takes only 15 minutes to fix it. Perhaps it may be, that the antenna can also mounted at a balconey.


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Homemade, very short and efficient monoband mobil-antennas. The antenna for 40m is only 80 cm long with a diameter of 30 mm. The radiation is better than the 2.65 m long mobilantenna from "Hustler".